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No 419/1/1 William Gopallawa Mawatha, Mulgampola. Kandy.
who are we

Integrated Solar Solutions

Energize the Future

Solar Energy is the new normal for everywhere KandyanEnergy we are committed to providing high-quality solar energy systems for everyone who is willing to get the power from the sun to their own place. We are one of the leading solar energy companies in Sri Lanka and the best from Kandy. Our mission is to bring strength and authority to reduce cost and get used to solar energy by ridiculing them the best solar energy. If you are searching for the best solar energy companies we stand in the front row because we have won many hearts by providing quality services for everyone.

Our true commitments give us more priorities to get more leads and make the best solutions for large-scale companies, hotels, commercial places, and schools to get their own solar panel to save more power and get used to solar energy. If you are searching for a conclusion of solar energy then there's nothing that stands rather than KandyanEnergy.

Waht we do

Energizing Sri Lanka with Solar Power

The Leading Residential & Corporate Solar Solution Provider

Solar Systems Installation

With most sunlight conversion efficiency
If you think you got the best places for solar energy installations? then we are ready to install our high-quality solar panels at your place with a lifetime guarantee. We got the best technicians and electricians in Sri Lanka!

The Preventative Maintenance

inspection to prevent emergency repair
For the very first time KandyanEnergy we are ready to maintain your solar panel at your own place. Our skilled technicians are ready to make the maintenance works with 100% satisfactions.

Upgrade Or Replacement

get your panels in good shape regularly
Our skilled workers are ready to upgrade or replace your current solar panel. We are always concerned about the quality and we got the best solar energy stocks to buy and a 100% profitable investment for your lifetime.

This is Your Turn to Go Solar

“Sooryabala Sangraamaya” Battle of Solar Energy is a government program to power up the country with renewable energy up to a 50%, by year 2025. All Sri Lankan energy consumers are invited to develop solar power plants & feed the national grid at an attractive benefit scheme. The government is ready set off your electricity bill or to buy total energy yield at a very attractive price scheme. This process will be backed by a Twenty Year power purchase agreement signed with the utility provider, CEB or LECO. Being a key stake holder in this program, Genso Solar is ready to support you in solar installation and project approvals.